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Rating has a total of 304 reviews for NewsDemon. In total has 2939 reviews. Which means that 10% of all reviews is about NewsDemon. Our visitors give NewsDemon an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 3.8. With this, NewsDemon scores higher than average.

NewsDemon Review

NewsDemon is a Usenet provider that gives you the opportunity to have a trial account before purchase. NewsDemon has a maximum of 4343 days retention and supports SSL, this makes your connection to the servers secure. The servers of NewsDemon are in Europe and America. Sharing your account at NewsDemon is not allowed. An account at NewsDemon gives the possibility to post on the usenet servers, so you can not only download information from the usenet servers, but you can also add it yourself by uploading to the usenet servers.

If you decide to take out your subscription with NewsDemon, you can choose from 10 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at NewsDemon: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, JCB, SEPA and Diners. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to NewsDemon View 5 packages View 304 reviews


Package Connections Retention Speed limit Data limit VPN included Renews automagically Days Package price
100 Gigabytes 50 4343 No limit 100 GB Possible 30 € 3,72 Order
200 Gigabytes 50 4343 No limit 200 GB Possible 30 € 4,65 Order
UNL Gigabytes 50 4343 No limit No limit Possible 30 € 5,57 Order
90 € 15,79 Order
180 € 31,59 Order
365 € 46,45 Order
50 Gigabytes 50 4343 No limit 50 GB Possible 30 € 2,79 Order
365 € 18,58 Order

Block accounts

Package Connections Retention Gigabytes Block price
Block 50 4343 10 GB € 2,79 Order
25 GB € 3,72 Order
50 GB € 4,65 Order
100 GB € 9,29 Order
200 GB € 11,15 Order
500 GB € 13,94 Order
1000 GB € 37,16 Order
2000 GB € 55,74 Order
4000 GB € 65,03 Order


Søren Hansen gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

I am impressed! Having been a customer at Giganews since 2006, I realized that a) their retention time was getting worse and worse and b) they charged me USD29.99 monthly even though new customers could sign up for 21.99. Old files (+5 years), that I thought was lost forever, suddenly appeared and downloaded perfectly on Newsdemon. At full speed (60 MB/sec on a VPN-connection). And at a much more competetive pricing. Goodbye Giganews - good day Newsdemon. Well done!

Henri G gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Al jaren zonder problemen!!

Sven gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Ik ben hierover zeer NewsDemon. Ben ook al sinds drie jaar. Inderdaad wordt de retentie in ieder geval op de door mij gebruikte groepen ammenooitniet gehaald. Ik vind 1500 dagen afdoende. De rest is toch oud nieuws.

Maurice gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Good speeds and cheap prices Support is very quick and always provides a good solution. Best Highwinds reseller

jan gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Heel goed en goedkoop

William gave NewsDemon: 1 stars

I have never been able to use this service because the NewsDemon index sites are blocked, at least in the mid-Atlantic region, by both AT&T and Cox. I have requested assistance by writing several times to customer service, but my messages have not been answered. They have never returned a single phone message or email, and they continue to charge my account despite my effort to cancel the subscription. I finally figured out how to cancel the subscription on my end, no thanks to any support from NewDemon.

Jambigirl gave NewsDemon: 1 stars

Nothing worked, no help, a waste of money. Thank God I wasn't tempted by a longer subscription.

Paul Henry gave NewsDemon: 1 stars

Completely unresponsive management team. Posting off by default, but when you apply to get posting rights, you are ignored. (i.e. no 'denied' message, just ignored.)

Rolly gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Had a lot of trouble with others but this has seem to of solved my problem.

AH gave NewsDemon: 5 stars

Have had their service before and for the price and features its a great deal

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