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Rating has a total of 311 reviews for NewsDemon. In total has 2968 reviews. Which means that 10% of all reviews is about NewsDemon. Our visitors give NewsDemon an average of 4.2 stars. The average score on is 3.7. With this, NewsDemon scores higher than average.

NewsDemon Review

NewsDemon is a Usenet provider that gives you the opportunity to have a trial account before purchase. NewsDemon has a maximum of 4353 days retention and supports SSL, this makes your connection to the servers secure. The servers of NewsDemon are in Europe and America. Sharing your account at NewsDemon is not allowed. An account at NewsDemon gives the possibility to post on the usenet servers, so you can not only download information from the usenet servers, but you can also add it yourself by uploading to the usenet servers.

If you decide to take out your subscription with NewsDemon, you can choose from 9 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at NewsDemon: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, SEPA and Diners. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to NewsDemon View 5 packages View 311 reviews


Package Connections Retention Speed limit Data limit VPN included Renews automagically Days Package price
UNL Gigabytes 50 4353 No limit No limit 30 € 8,42 Order
90 € 17,68 Order
180 € 30,31 Order
365 € 50,52 Order
500 Gigabytes 50 4353 No limit 500 GB 30 € 5,08 Order
100 Gigabytes 50 4353 No limit 100 GB 30 € 1,69 Order
50 Gigabytes 50 4353 No limit 50 GB 30 € 0,85 Order

Block accounts

Package Connections Retention Gigabytes Block price
Block 50 4353 500 GB € 8,47 Order
1000 GB € 12,70 Order
2000 GB € 16,93 Order
5000 GB € 33,86 Order


Seán Byrne gave NewsDemon: 4.00 stars

I've had pretty good success downloading old content that was incomplete with another Usenet provider I've been using, i.e. where I couldn't get enough PAR files to repair. Of course if content was pulled by a take down request, then it's generally gone here also. The block accounts are a bit more expensive than the other provider I was using, but worth it knowing that most files available don't have. The only small issue I had with Newsdemon is that the block accounts do expire from non use as I lost my last one after not using it for about a year.

Kevin gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

Great replacement for my old Newsserver, actually cheaper!!

Geoff gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

No problems with completion and fast, reliable secure connection. Wide choice of attractively priced packages including block purchase. Good customer service and easy-to-use web account. Excellent all round.

Barbara gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

Tried them all. This one is best.

Daniel gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

Only good experiences so far (6 months).

Mathieu gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

Nice prices. Great services. Fast connections.

Omar gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

Easy setup no hassle.

Sean gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

It's been great so far. I've tried several other providers and they are one of the best hands down.

Robert gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

The wide variety of plans available at very reasonable prices is what led me to choose Newsdemon. Six months later I'm still happy with my decision.

Peter gave NewsDemon: 5.00 stars

It is the fastest USP in central EU and is very competitively priced at the same time. I've tried a lot of providers over the years and this one reaches the speeds that I could only get by combining multiple accounts. I have a 500mbit connection and it often gets maxed out! Completion and retention is fine. I don't feel the need to use any other monthly account, just a blocknews block.

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